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Wealth bundle

Abundance and wealth pendant - Pyrite (style):
Prix de vente£20.00 GBP Prix normal£24.00 GBP

This bundle contains:

  • 1x Citrine crystal chip bracelet (worth £10)
  • 1x Pyrite wealth pendant (worth £22)

Citrine benefits:

  • enhances physical stamina and energy
  • boosts success and prosperity
  • attracts wealth, abundance and joy
  • ideal for manifesting and achieving goals

Pyrite benefits:

  • enhances luck and cash flow
  • boosts manifestation around wealth and prosperity
  • helps with focus and determination
  • increases discipline and willpower


Please note: crystals are natural and therefore may vary in size, colour and weight.

Wealth bundle
Wealth bundle Prix de vente£20.00 GBP Prix normal£24.00 GBP