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About me

About 4 years ago I found myself in a dark place; I hated myself, hated my job, hated life itself, and couldn't see past the darkness in front of me. I'd lost a few friends to suicide and started to think that I may have been spiralling that way myself too. I was questioning everything in life.

One of my friends introduced me to crystals and I bought a handful from her, thinking "what's the harm?". Every day for a few weeks, I practised mindfulness each morning, and I kept my crystals by my side, noticing them throughout the day, and bringing my thought process back to self-healing and manifesting what I wanted.

By doing this, I found that my worries slowly but steadily started melting away. I wanted more info so I started reading book after book on crystal healing, reiki, positive intentions, and gratitude. My friends and family didn't give it much attention, and I was met with the occasional "it's all a load of crap!" comment - but all I thought was "I'm carrying a pretty rock filled with positive energy in my pocket, it's not harming anyone at all." and so I continued.

Flash forward to where I am now, and I feel like a whole new person; I feel like I've found myself. I can see the positive in almost every situation or at the very least, something to be grateful for. I've since introduced a few friends to the benefits of meditation, crystal healing, reiki and gratitude, and they too have said that it's changed their lives also. I own over 200 crystals of my own, and each day before I head downstairs, I set intentions for the day ahead and choose a crystal to amplify those intentions based on its properties. 

In the last 4 years, I've managed to use crystals and meditation to my advantage by manifesting money to pay off all of my credit card debt, securing a mortgage, successfully being appointed for the job of my dreams, getting engaged to my partner and starting this business, amongst many other things.

On my birthday back in 2021 I decided to launch this website and pair candles with crystals to help others find themselves through spirituality too. One of the biggest things for me was to infuse mental health and well-being into spirituality, because I often find that the two come hand in hand when developing yourself, but as a nation, we don't often talk about mental health. So my mission statement is to develop YOU, the customer, both spiritually and mentally, whilst arming you with everything you need to make waves in this world!

Just to put this into perspective, I now also have a successful podcast (search "Canny Crystals" across all streaming apps), an Academy (, I've recently posted out my 27,000th order, and have gained 100k followers on social media, all whilst manifesting a child/family of my own! 

In April 2022 I left my full-time job in the NHS of 15 years to advance and concentrate on taking Canny Crystals to the next level. By December 2022 I had retired my Mam for her 60th birthday so that she no longer has to work.

I finally feel free in myself, both mentally and spiritually.

Open your mind and give it a try yourself. What's the harm?