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Sage - Smudge torch

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Smudge torches are bundles of dried herbs, that are bound with string.

Smudge torches are generally used to bless, cleanse and heal the person or object being smudged. Sage is used to cleanse the person from the outside world when entering into rituals and ceremonies.

You can also cleanse your house of all negative energies by smudging your property. To do this, starting at your front door, light your smudge torch and follow the left wall around the entire property, allowing the smoke to encapsulate every room. You may need to relight your smudge stick several times - this is normal due to the tight packing, otherwise they would burn through instantly.

Keep following the wall on your left hand side until you eventually do a full "lap" of your home and end up back at your front door. Once back to your front door, extinguish the smudge torch and re-follow the left hand wall again around your property, opening every window that you pass by until you reach the front door, subsequently opening it too.

After 5 minutes has passed, you can then close these again. I like to end this practice with a blessing stating "bless this house, rid all negativity and bring about positive energy and vibrations".


Our sage smudge torches are sustainably harvested from a small, native-owned family farm located in Southern California. Each torch burns for roughly 90 minutes and is approximately 10-12cm in length.

Sage - Smudge torch
Sage - Smudge torch Prix de vente£6.00 GBP