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Beginners crystal bundle

Prix de vente£25.00 GBP Prix normal£40.00 GBP

Perfect for beginners, this starter bundle consists of everything you need to get started on your crystal journey!

You will receive:
- 8 Chakra tumblestones consisting of Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Aventurine, Citrine, Red Jasper, Carnelian, Rose Quartz and Sodalite (£10)
- a Clear Quartz wire wrapped necklace pendant with cotton chord necklace (18”) (£15)
- a Rose Quartz heart (£5)
- a Chakra crystal chip bracelet (7") (£10)

RRP individually is £40 but you get all of this in a pretty little gift box for just £25! Don’t miss out!

Amethyst (purple) benefits:

  • cleanses, heals and protects your aura
  • brings stability, calmness and clarity
  • aids with insomnia and reduces nightmares
  • enhances cell regeneration

Quartz (clear) benefits:

  • balances and revitalises physical, mental and emotional issues
  • purifies everything around it
  • improves awareness
  • reduces stress and aids relaxation

Aventurine (green) benefits:

  • settles nausea
  • dissolves negative emotions
  • brings wellbeing and emotional calm
  • attracts luck, abundance and success

Red Jasper (red) benefits:

  • increases emotional stamina
  • boosts self confidence and self trust
  • calms and relaxes you
  • increases memory of dreams

Citrine (yellow) benefits:

  • enhances physical stamina and energy
  • boosts success and prosperity
  • attracts wealth, abundance and joy
  • ideal for manifesting and achieving goals

Carnelian (orange) benefits:

  • helps to make career choices and decisions
  • assists you to take action towards goals
  • inspires ambition
  • stimulates sex life

    Rose quartz (pink) benefits:

    • helps to attract love in every sense
    • increases self esteem and self love
    • helps alleviate grief or heartbreak
    • fosters love and sensuality between partners

    Sodalite (blue) benefits:

    • increases confidence with public speaking
    • stimulates creative ability
    • enhances intuition and clairvoyancy
    • boosts insight and mindfulness
    Beginners crystal bundle Prix de vente£25.00 GBP Prix normal£40.00 GBP