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Affirmation candle - Wealth & Prosperity

Sale price£19.00 GBP

Our luxury, hand-poured, natural soy wax candles have been individually bestowed with Reiki energy to really supercharge your intentions. Each candle is enriched with natural scented, pure essential oils, which get released into your space as you light it.

Simply light your candle, set your intentions, close your eyes and repeat the related affirmation on the back of the box over and over, either out loud or in your mind for 60 seconds. Do this daily and watch your affirmation come to fruition!

These candles are perfect for gifting, or even just as a nice treat to yourself!


Each candle comes fully boxed, weighs 200g and has a burning time of approximately 45hours. The candle wick is made from paraffin wax and cotton.
Affirmation candle - Wealth & Prosperity Sale price£19.00 GBP