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Money affirmations - audio download

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Experience the power of positive affirmations with our audio download. By deepening your understanding of the law of attraction and speaking aloud to yourself each day, you can align your mind to attract more money. Harness the power of daily money affirmations today.

These affirmations have been designed to affirm messages of self belief to your mind. This recording is 57m long and ideally should be listened to with headphones at least once in full per day for 20+ days for maximum impact.

One of the most powerful times for your brain to take in information is whilst you're asleep, so feel free to listen to these affirmations as you drift off on a night.

Each audio contains soothing and gentle music, over the top of spoken affirmative statements, read by myself, audible to human perception. 

Simply add your basket, check out as normal, and your download will then be available for you to download and listen to on any compatible devices such as your phone, tablet, laptop, or even car.

This product, once purchased, is non-refundable.

Each recording is copyrighted by law; any re-distribution or re-sale of these recordings is illegal.

Money affirmations - audio download
Money affirmations - audio download Sale price£3.00 GBP