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Article: Manifesting using Grabovoi numbers

Manifesting using Grabovoi numbers

Manifesting using Grabovoi numbers

Grabovoi codes are special sets of numbers that you can use to manifest money, love, or anything else you want with the law of attraction. This blog post will explain how to use Grabovoi numbers for manifestation and give a list of numbers you can start using right away!


What are Grabovoi codes?

Grabovoi code or numbers are radionic signatures that can help to heal both your body and mind. They were invented by the Russian psychic Grigory Grabovoy. He created them using a radionic machine.


Who is Grabovoi?

Grigory Grabovoy was born on the 14th November 1963 in Kazakhstan. 

He wrote the book The Practise of Control: The Way To Salvation. In his book he includes a large list of Grabovoi numbers. The goal of Grabovoyi according to him is:

‘’Passing on the Knowledge of The Lord to the people all over the World in order to save them from the possible global catastrophe, enable each one to reach perfect health, physical immortality, resurrect in their physical bodies everyone who’s gone and provide the eternal constructive and harmonious development of the entire mankind.’’

In his book he explains how conscious energy can manifest any information or object you want in your life. 

It’s worth mentioning that Grabovoi has an ‘interesting’ backstory involving fraud. 

However, his book is a fascinating read if you are interested in learning more about this topic. 

I recommend you try it out — it can help you so much! 

Regardless of what he has or has not done as a person the codes have worked for millions of people all over the world, hence why I’m sharing the information with you now.


Money manifestation Code

Do Grabovoi codes work?

I personally love Grabovoi codes and know from personal experience that they do work just as well as any other manifestation method.

However, just like other law of attraction techniques. Some things work better for different people. So not everything works the same for everybody.

Grabovoi codes are the same! 



How Do Grabovoi Numbers Work?

The theory behind Grabvoi codes rests with “radionic signatures”.

Everything is energy, which is how these special codes and radionic signatures work. Every person, place, or thing on the planet shares the same electromagnetic field but also has its own.

When an individual’s electromagnetic field’s energy gets changed or distorted in some way, problems such as disease, malfunction, and other ailments occur.

In the same way that distortions cause malfunction, however, you can make subtle changes with that same energy and fix them!

Numbers have so much energy and power (as you’ll know if you ever pay attention to angel numbers and numerology.)

Grabovoi numbers harness the natural energy of numbers to correct these imbalances and manifest change and transformation in your life!



How do I use them?

Grabovoi numbers are so powerful, fun, and easy to use! Much of the time I like to add them to manifestation rituals and exercises I’m already doing. I suggest you do the same.

I’ve seen some people completely replace the writing part of their manifestation exercises, though.

That can work too, but I don’t recommend it.

I think it’s more powerful to keep doing everything you’ve been doing and just add Grabovoi codes to it, rather than replace it altogether. That’s how i use them everyday!

Here are just a few examples of how you can use Grabovoi numbers:

  • Write them on your wrist
  • Mentally Draw The Number On Your Skin , with your finger draw the number onto your skin. Don’t use an actual pen this is a visualization technique. 
  • Say It Out Loud, Repeat them as Affirmations throughout the day repeat the number you have chosen out loud. 
  • Write them on a piece of paper and tuck them under your pillow at night
  • Write them on your scripting letter to the universe
  • Label your water bottle with a Grabovoi code to manifest with water
  • Write Grabovoi numbers on a bay leaf, then burn the leaf and spread the ashes
  • Write the secret cheat codes alongside your affirmations in the 369 method or 55×5 method
  • Charge a crystal with your intentions and send the Grabovoi code as instructions 
  • Change the passcode number on your phone to the Grabovoi number. If you’re anything like me you will log into your phone multiple times a day meaning you will be seeing the number again and again throughout the day.  


Codes for you to use:

• Unexpected Money – 520 741 8 

• Steady, Long-term Income – 9213140 

• Cash flow abundantly – 318 612 518 714

• Money knowledge – 964986583 

• Manifest dream job – 493151 864 1491 

• Money confidence – 87467894 

• Entrepreneurship - 71974131981 

• Manifest love – 888 412 1289018 

• Attract a partner – 197 023 

• Self-love – 396815 

• Eternal love – 888 912 818848 

• Get your ex back – 89974476 

• Bring my lover back - 3856794 

• Manifest romance – 401543512 

• Fame – 8277237 

• Good health – 80845700 

• Manifest weight loss – 5343168 

• Beauty & physical attraction – 83585179 

• Cancel negativity – 4748132148 

• Ideal future – 813791 

• Healing of the body - 9187948181 

• Peace - 1001105010 

• Understanding – 39119488061 

• Good luck – 817219738 

• Get job fast – 218 49451760 

Now that you know what the numbers are and how to use them, I want to share a few pieces of advice for making the most out of it.

Focus on one manifestation at a time. I’ve seen people say you can work with multiple numbers for multiple manifestations but in my experience, it works best when you do one at a time. 

Hopefully, you’ve learned all you need to know about how to use Grabovoi codes to manifest the life of your dreams! Countless people have had wild success using these cheat codes to improve their lives. What will you bring into your reality?

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Hi just wanted to say what an interesting read on a subject I have not heard of before thank you Mary

Tracy crompton

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