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Article: The top 10 crystals for pregnancy and childbirth

The top 10 crystals for pregnancy and childbirth

The top 10 crystals for pregnancy and childbirth

There are a whole host of crystals out there for pregnancy and motherhood and it's important to pick ones that connect with you. Motherhood and pregnancy crystals are best when they help you feel grounded, protected, and eased into the flow of life. They give us the strength of surrender and remind us that we have infinite wisdom and inner strength to embrace this journey. The best crystals for pregnancy are:

Carnelian for a boost of stamina

Rose Quartz for bonding with baby

Moonstone for a finetuning fertility stone

Amethyst for rest and spiritual connection

Lepidolite for positive energy

Fluorite for absorbing nutrients 

Unakite for calm heart connections

Angelite for comfort and higher guidance

Bloodstone for a healthy birth.

Malachite for the midwife stone.



carnelian stone

What it looks like: The color of blood and fire, Carnelian is a stone that shines with all the shades of life. Highly energetic and aglow with flame, this healing crystal can keep you grounded and make you feel invincible, giving you the courage and strength to transition into motherhood.

What it does: Carnelian is an awesome all-purpose stone that works at any stage of your motherhood journey. Ever ready to strengthen and help the organs heal, to boost your stamina, and to connect to your sacral chakra and stir up your inner fire, this stone can be used from conception right through to those who need a hand healing from childbirth. With Carnelian you will never question your capability.

When to use it: For those who are struggling with the idea of strength and find themselves fearing the birthing process, Carnelian can be a great gem to have close by. Soaked in strength, this stone grants you stamina (both mentally and physically) to invite safe passage for your baby. Find out more about the meaning of Carnelian. 


Rose Quartz 

rose quartz

What it looks like: A magical mothering stone in the most soothing shades of pale pink, Rose Quartz comes resplendent in radiant feminine energy and ever ready to bring its compassionate vibes to fill your heart with love.

What it does: As a heart chakra stone, Rose Quartz gets you primed for the ultimate dose of love. This stone is a gentle healer and can help the body, mind, and soul relax. It pulses with so much love that it can easily ensure that you and your baby forge an intimate bond.

When to use it: Use the ultimate stone of love throughout your pregnancy, birth, and in those early days of motherhood. Whenever stress seems high and relaxation a far away thought, pull this stone closer and let it ease every inch of anxiety and remind you that truly - unconditional love will conquer all. Find out more about the meaning of Rose Quartz.




What it looks like: The glowing orb of moonstone is a reminder of that feminine wheel of energy that brightens the night sky. It is also similar in shape to the round belly and full heart of pregnancy. Luminous and full of light, the Moonstone is your ultimate guiding tool.

What it does: Filled to the brim with feminine energy and deep intuition, Moonstone enhances fertility, balances hormones, and helps to keep your pregnancy gentle and easy. Moonstone is forever connected to our cycles and can bring your whole body and being back into balance.

When to use it: Those who are in the fertility process will benefit from the boost that Moonstone can bring. If you are struggling with cycles and reproductive issues, this stone can bring you into a natural rhythm. For those who are finding their mood swings riding high and low, the goddess stone also brings its grace. Find out more about the meaning of Moonstone.




What it looks like: Forever serene in shades of soft lilac and purple, Amethyst is one of the most calming crystals you could ask for. This quartz shimmers not only with rich calming hues but also with the promise of protection. Like a shield against the darkness, Amethyst is full of protective properties and can even help to safeguard you during this time.

What it does: Above all else, Amethyst is an essential soul soother. It cuts through anxiety and washes away all stress factors and fear, leaving you steady and calm. As a crown chakra stone, Amethyst can also connect your crown to the cosmos. Birth can be an out of this world experience and Amethyst can be a good cosmic charm to have on side.

When to use it: Amethyst works at any stage of the motherhood journey but we love it as a birthing tool, especially for those who want to bring peace and serenity and even spiritual alignment to the experience. Find out more about the meaning of Amethyst.




What it looks like: Soft in shades of purple and pink, Lepidolite looks like a heart chakra stone but has a pop more colour that speaks of deeper dreamier vibes.

What it does: Lepidolite is washed in easy energy, it’s a natural tranquillizer and a soother for souls that feel pulled in a thousand directions. Whether stressed about conception or just looking for a mood-lifter, Lepidolite keeps mothers in harmonious joy so that they are better equipped to welcome the transformation at hand.

When to use it: If you are finding your experience of pregnancy or approaching motherhood to be a major stress factor, Lepidolite can be the lullaby you need to take it all in your stride. Find out more about the meaning of Lepidolite.



fluorite stone

What it looks like: Rainbow bright and ice white come together to create the colorful calming stone of Fluorite. This stone is excellent at soaking up negative energy, ensuring that your motherhood journey isn’t marred with feelings of self-doubt and troubled thought patterns.

What it does: Not only does Fluorite come dressed in shimmering shades that instantly soothe and place you in a space of positivity, but this stone is also excellent at helping the body to absorb those much-needed nutrients that you and your baby need right now.

When to use it: Flush out all those toxins (both in body and thought) and let Fluorite get to work keeping you in full and bright health. When you are feeling low in energy or struggling in your pregnancy or in those early sleepless days of motherhood, this stone can help to turn up the volume on peaceful vibes and keep you out of dark corners. Find out more about the meaning of Fluorite.



unakite stone

What it looks like: Gloriously grounding and visionary, Unakite is all comforting earthly shades of green,orange and brown. There’s so much natural energy just waiting in the healing channels of Unakite and thanks to that powerful birth power it is a must for expectant mothers.

What it does: Known for keeping bonds and health strong, Unakite can be your cheerleader on this journey of deep change. Long has this lush stone been linked to fertility and is said to be a wonder at balancing hormones and every aspect of the reproductive system. This gentle stone also keeps you connected to your heart center and encourages the flow of healthy emotions.

When to use it: Call on the healing powers of Unakite to help you through childbirth. As a strong and potent heart connector, Unakite ensures that you stay consciously connected and calm in the pit of your heart.


angelite stone

What it looks like: Dressed in the shades of feathered angel wings, Angelite is all powder-soft blue and snow white. Just like its name suggests, this pretty stone is all about keeping yourself and your baby safe beneath the gentle light of guardian angels and spirit guides.

What it does: Angelite is a heavenly stone and sings like a choir of angels with its high vibrations and healing magic. For those mamas-to-be who are feeling a little lost and alone, this stone swoops in to support you spiritually and provides guidance, glory and deep insight. It isn’t just about looking to the sky for strength, intuitive Angelite reminds you that you are full of goddess power and that the body and the soul will surely find a way.

When to use it: For all stages of motherhood, Angelite brings its beauty, soft grace, and strength. For those times when you feel like you need an extra set of eyes watching over you or when you feel the need for a flickering flame to send a shot of light through the darkness, Angelite brings that comfort and sense of sweet relief. Find out more about the meaning of Angelite.




What it looks like: Deep and dark and flecked with dreamy shades of red and green, the Bloodstone brings its iron-rich properties to keep you strong of heart, solid in body and spiritually soothed so you can thrive.

What it does: When it comes to stones that significantly help your physicality during pregnancy, birth, and motherhood, then Bloodstone could be it. Our bodies produce a whopping fifty percent more blood when pregnant so it only seems right that Bloodstone is there to encourage it. Bloodstone is an immune booster, it helps with healthy circulation, and it brings strength, vitality, and courage to the main event. Even after your baby is here on earth, it can be a healing tonic and an elixir of new life.

When to use it: One of the best times to call on the flow of Bloodstone is during the birth itself. This stone helps the body and fills your cup with life energy and an endless stream of vitality. Find out more about Bloodstone



malachite stone

What it looks like: Nicknamed the midwife stone, this should give you a hint of what to expect from the healing nature of gorgeous green Malachite. Healthy and radiant in its life-force color scheme, Malachite is slick and smooth and cool to the touch, a promise of easier times.

What it does: Malachite is a magical stone for those who are struggling with their pregnancy and childbirth. For a start, Malachite is all about keeping you safe and sound during childbirth so tuck those worries away for a while. It can stimulate contractions, cut down the intensity of labor pains, and give you that the safest experience possible from start to finish.

When to use it: Keep Malachite on your person or tucked in your birthing bag for when those kicks start getting a little fiercer. This stone is certainly one to have with you during the birth and just its surefire presence can be enough to flip your heart from fear to steady determination. Find out more about the meaning of Malachite


Best Ways to Use These Crystals For Pregnancy and Motherhood

 collection of fertility gemstone bracelets

With these beautiful stones in hand, how do you go about calling in their power when it comes to smooth sailing either in conception, pregnancy, childbirth, or those early years of motherhood? For all those out there who are on this journey, here’s how to get the best from your pregnancy and motherhood crystals…

  • Wear crystal jewellery to keep you and your baby consistently connected to the healing nature of your chosen stone, you can do this from conception, through pregnancy, and even postpartum. 
  • Place the crystal on your womb area and use visualisation techniques to manifest the journey into motherhood you desire.
  • Slip a stone beneath your pillow to encourage restful sleep and healing.
  • Hold a worry stone or crystal sphere in your hands and communicate your needs and desires. This can help send intentions out into the universe.
  • Create an altar during pregnancy and use chosen crystals and candles and even your baby scan to create a safe space of loving energy.

Other stones that are a match for this journey into new beginnings include Aquamarine, Lapis Lazuli, Garnet, Chrysocolla, Tigers Eye, Peridot, Hematite, Black Tourmaline and Agate. 


A Final Thought

Do all that you can to keep yourself healthy and in harmony at this time. Motherhood can be a shift from one life to the other and we must make time and space to process these emotions and ensure we are getting the support we need. Stay connected to the body and the breath, get all the nutrients you can, and call on loved ones and crystals to keep you balanced and in beautiful spirits as you embark on this great adventure.

Which soothing crystals helped see you through your journey or which will you be calling on to help guide a parent-to-be? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

Please remember that our crystal guides are not a substitute for medical advice. If you have any issues with your reproductive organs or if you are concerned about pregnancy and motherhood, please reach out to your health professional.

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