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Positively Wealthy, Emma Mumford

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Positively Wealthy is a 33-day guide to manifesting abundance for anyone who wants to redefine the meaning of wealth in their life. It is designed for the new age human who wants to step out of their comfort zone, fearlessly manifest the life of their dreams, and find fulfillment and sustainability using law of attraction methods.

Chapters will include daily challenges for the listener to complete over 33 days and will encourage them to join in sharing their journey online. To not only manifest great things into their own life, but to also redefine their version of wealth in all areas. Chapters also include Emma’s own experiences and lessons with wealth, money, and manifesting over the last five years of Emma’s career and personal life. 

Positively Wealthy is designed to create sustainable success in all aspects of the listener's life and provides them with great tools which they can use, time and time again. Emma’s new age, fresh approach to the law of attraction and spirituality is relatable for her huge numbers of followers and fans. She gives simple, practical, no-nonsense advice that has been proven to work in her own life.


256 pages, paperback
Positively Wealthy, Emma Mumford
Positively Wealthy, Emma Mumford Prix de vente$16.00 USD