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Love and empowerment bundle

Prix de vente£78.00 GBP Prix normal£89.00 GBP

Indulge in a journey of self-love, romance, and inner strength with our Love and Empowerment Bundle. Curated with care, this collection is designed to nurture your heart, ignite your passions, and empower your spirit. Originally valued at £89, you can now embrace these treasures for just £78.

What's Included:

  1. Love and Romance Affirmation Candle

    • Infused with enchanting scents and positive affirmations, this candle sets the mood for love and romance. Light it to create a serene and inviting atmosphere, perfect for meditation, self-reflection, or a romantic evening.
  2. Dalmatian Jasper Bracelet

    • Benefits: Known as the Stone of Joy, Dalmatian Jasper helps to break down barriers you have created as protection around yourself. It promotes childlike joy and a sense of playfulness, making it easier to connect with others and find happiness in everyday life.
  3. Emerald Tumble Stone

    • Benefits: Emerald is a powerful heart chakra stone. It opens and nurtures the heart, promoting love, compassion, and harmony in relationships. It's also known to inspire deep inner growth and patience.
  4. Rose Quartz Flame

    • Benefits: The ultimate stone of unconditional love, Rose Quartz enhances self-love, fosters loving relationships, and heals emotional wounds. Its flame shape amplifies its energy, creating a warm and inviting aura.
  5. Happiness Incense

    • Enrich your surroundings with the uplifting aroma of Happiness Incense. Crafted to elevate your mood, it brings joy and positivity, making your space a sanctuary of bliss.
  6. Kunzite Tumble Stone

    • Benefits: Kunzite is the Stone of Emotion, known for its ability to connect the heart to the mind, encouraging communication from a place of love. It helps release negative feelings and inspires feelings of peace and trust.
  7. Raw Amethyst

    • Benefits: Amethyst is a highly spiritual stone that offers protection, balance, and calm. It's excellent for meditation, enhancing intuition, and fostering a deeper connection with your higher self.
  8. 1-Hour Self-Love and Self-Esteem Subliminal

    • Benefits: This powerful subliminal audio session is designed to boost your self-love and self-esteem. Worth £3, it complements the bundle perfectly by reinforcing positive beliefs and encouraging a stronger sense of self.


  • Promotes Love and Romance: The combination of Rose Quartz, Emerald, and the Affirmation Candle enhances your ability to give and receive love.
  • Encourages Joy and Happiness: Dalmatian Jasper and Happiness Incense uplift your spirits and bring a sense of playfulness and joy.
  • Empowers Inner Strength: Kunzite and Amethyst support emotional balance, peace, and spiritual growth.
  • Boosts Self-Love and Self-Esteem: The subliminal audio session helps reinforce a positive self-image and encourages greater self-confidence.

Transform your space and your spirit with the Love and Empowerment Bundle, a carefully curated collection to support your journey towards love, joy, and inner power.

Love and empowerment bundle
Love and empowerment bundle Prix de vente£78.00 GBP Prix normal£89.00 GBP