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Embrace your inner witch bundle

Prix de vente£32.00 GBP Prix normal£43.50 GBP

Unleash your mystical side with our Embrace Your Inner Witch Bundle. This enchanting collection is designed to empower you, enhance your spiritual practices, and help you connect with your inner magic. Originally valued at £43.50, you can now embrace these treasures for just £32.

What's Included:

  1. Witchery: Embrace Your Inner Witch Book

    • Delve into the world of witchcraft with this insightful book. It offers practical guidance, spells, and rituals to help you embrace your inner witch and harness your personal power.
  2. Charoite Chip Bracelet

    • Benefits: Charoite is known for its powerful transformation properties. It helps to release deep-seated fears and negativity, encouraging a sense of courage and clarity. Wearing this bracelet can aid in overcoming obstacles and embracing change.
  3. Blue Lace Agate Tumble Stone

    • Benefits: Blue Lace Agate is a soothing stone that promotes calmness and tranquility. It is excellent for communication, helping you express your thoughts and feelings clearly. This stone also aids in reducing stress and anxiety.
  4. Epidote Tumble Stone

    • Benefits: Epidote is a stone of attraction and manifestation. It enhances the Law of Attraction, bringing more of what you focus on into your life. This stone also promotes spiritual growth and improves your sense of well-being.
  5. Small Selenite Tower

    • Benefits: Selenite is a powerful cleansing and protection stone. It clears negative energy, promotes mental clarity, and creates a peaceful environment. The tower shape enhances its energy flow, making it an excellent addition to your spiritual space.
  6. Boost Your Law of Attraction Capabilities Subliminal

    • Benefits: This subliminal audio session is designed to enhance your manifestation abilities. By listening regularly, you can reprogram your subconscious mind to attract abundance and positive outcomes into your life.
  7. Protection Incense Sticks

    • Benefits: Enrich your space with the protective and purifying aroma of these incense sticks. They help to ward off negative energies, creating a safe and sacred environment for your spiritual practices.


  • Empowers Spiritual Growth: The combination of Charoite, Epidote, and the Selenite Tower supports transformation, manifestation, and protection, aiding your spiritual journey.
  • Enhances Calmness and Communication: Blue Lace Agate helps reduce stress and improve communication, fostering inner peace and clear expression.
  • Boosts Manifestation Abilities: The Epidote stone and the subliminal audio work together to enhance your Law of Attraction capabilities, helping you attract abundance and positivity.
  • Creates a Protective Space: The Selenite Tower and Protection Incense Sticks cleanse and safeguard your environment, ensuring a serene and safe space for your witchcraft practices.

Unleash your inner witch and embrace your magic with the Embrace Your Inner Witch Bundle. This thoughtfully curated collection is perfect for those looking to deepen their spiritual practices and connect with their mystical side.

Embrace your inner witch bundle
Embrace your inner witch bundle Prix de vente£32.00 GBP Prix normal£43.50 GBP